How to pay?

Wherever you are from all around the world, and whatever size your order is, we have payment solutions suitable for you. After you have done it once, you'll discover that international trade is as easy as a visit to your local  store.

3 methods you can choose from:


1. By Paypal

PayPal enables you to send payments quickly and securely online using a credit card or bank account. When you select to pay with Paypal when submit order online, you just need to check out the order directly and then pay as the prompt.


2. By Western Union

Western Union only takes several minutes. You should pay handing charges based on different amount.

Handling charges: 
$0-$500.00: charges $15.00
$500.01-$1000.00: charges $20.00
$1001.00-$2000.00: charges $25.00
$2001.00-$5000.00: charges $30.00
$5000.01-$7500.00: charges $40.00


3. By Bank transfer (T/T)

It takes 2-4 days for the transfer arrival.
Please inform us immediately after you make the money transfer. Bank wire transfer usually takes 2-4days. In order to start the production ASAP, please contact with us if your order state is still "Non-Payment" 5 days later after transfer.